7 reasons you will love lifestyle photography

APRIL, 2018
Your family is constantly growing and changing before your eyes, some of my most treasured possessions are photographs of my family and children as they were growing up. Looking back over these photographs takes me straight back to memories of times past. It’s amazing how the feelings, tastes and sounds come back as well, making the images come to life, often in a fun reminiscing session with the whole family. I love how the kids are so interested in what they looked like and what we were doing and what they used to say and do during that particular time in their lives. At times life seems so busy, and capturing your family seems unachievable, but those fleeting moments captured in photographs become more and more valuable as time goes by. Do you cringe at the thought of preparing your family for a photography session? What if the kids misbehave?  What if one of them has a meltdown? What if they just won’t smile for the camera? If this is the case then Lifestyle photography might be for you. Here are the reasons why…….
1.. No Posing Required You can forget about the awkward posing and “cheesy” smiles for the camera- instead a lifestyle session focusses on connection and emotion. A natural moment, will tell the story of your family so much more than a strategically posed portrait. And let’s face it, toddlers and young children have no time for sitting still for poses. But don’t get confused with documentary style photography, you will still be captured at your best angle with gorgeous light to show you off at your best. You will still receive direction from your photographer to ensure everything looks gorgeous! 2. A lifestyle photo session will capture all the little things you want to remember. I know when I look back at old family photos it’s he little details that you remember from your childhood. The dress mum made me when I was eight. Hugs with my old dog. Those cute little overalls my baby sister wore and the toys she was obsessed with. The beaches and parks we used to go to for family gatherings. Its magical to include all these details in a family photo shoot and will make it all the more special when looking back at these images in 10 or 20 years or more. 3. You can relax! You don’t have to leave your home if you don’t want to and everyone will be relaxed in their own environment. You don’t need to declutter you house, your photographer will be well skilled in choosing the right angle to avoid the mess. We have a lot of practice in our own homes! Similarly if you choose an outdoor location, it will be one that you as a family connect with and feel comfortable in. Your children will be free to explore and discover their environment.
4. Your children can be children! There is no expectation that your child needs to sit still and smile all the time, this means your child’s true personality can shine. Whether it’s jumping on the bed, snuggling up in your lap or running down the beach with a gleeful smile, you children will be captured just as they are. It gives them time to explore and play, as well as coming together every now and then to do something as a family group. This way the participation and curiosity from your children grows and they engage with the camera rather than running away from it!
“If you are happy in your environment, your kids will be relaxed and happy too”.
5. Your favourite everyday activities will be captured. Does your toddler like helping you make biscuits? Perhaps you and your kids love snuggling up on the couch to read a book? Do you have a favourite outdoor spot you love to visit as a family? Perhaps a beach or a particular park? If you are happy in your environment your kids will be relaxed and happy too.
6. You Don’t Have to Dress Up! You can if you want to, but there are no rules!. You can even stay in your pyjamas if you want to! Your photographer will usually give you some advice about which colours and textures work well together. But it will be kept simple, as we want your personality and style to shine through! Often wearing something comfortable that you feel good in will come through in the images as you will be more relaxed and at ease.
7. You will have beautiful portraits of your children and family. Just because it’s not posed like the traditional photograph session, doesn’t mean you won’t get gorgeous portraits. Your photographer will usually focus on individual portraits of your children and family. It is important for a photographer to keep an open mind with a lifestyle photo session, as every session is unique and your children will probably do their own adorable thing that is surprising to the photographer, that will produce gorgeous images. If you are interested in a lifestyle family session get in touch with me and I will send you all the details.
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Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

frequently asked questions


  • Q. My kids are gorgeous, but they don’t sit still and I’m worried they won’t behave..."

    A. I’m a mum of three busy kids, I get it, the more you tell them what to do, the less they want to do it! I usually start with a few ‘everyone look at the camera’ shots and then the rest of the session is pretty easy going, I might give some suggestions for things to do, or more photogenic places to go, but generally I just let the kids play and explore. Often the best photos are when your kid is doing the thing that makes them most happy! And if meltdowns happen (and they will!) I may take an adorable photo of that, and then we can take a little break or head on a different adventure.

  • Q. Should I wait until everything is perfect?

    A. Is family life ever perfect? Your kids want to see you, with them, so they can hold those memories and feelings in their hearts. You may never lose those 5 kilos, you may never re-paint that feature wall, and that is okay. Your kids don’t care, time goes fast, don’t wait. (or if you’re like me, a photoshoot is a great deadline haha).

  • Q. So how does it work? Where do we start?

    A. Great question –  click on the contact tab above to chat with me!

  • Q. When should I book my family session?

    A. If you need a weekend, I am usually booked out 2-3 months in advance, so get in touch ASAP to check availability. If a weekday suits you, at least 2-4 weeks notice is great. I do get the odd cancellation, so it’s always worth checking if you aren’t sure!

  • Q. When should I book my newborn session?

    A. If you want to capture your bub when they’re brand new, book a session as soon as you can. I usually book you in for your due date initially, then whenever your little one arrives we can make a firm date and time then. I only take on 4 newborns a month so I am able to be flexible if they need to be rescheduled. My sessions however are very relaxed and don’t require bub to be asleep to perform any crazy baby yoga positions, so even if your bub is 4-6 weeks old by the time you are feeling up to photos, they will still capture all that new baby love.

  • Q. What if my baby arrives early or late, can we move our newborn session?"

    A. Yes, absolutely! Often babies don’t like to stick to their due date and that is fine. I usually recommend booking your session for your due date, and if bub comes early or late we can work out an available date to move the session.

  • Q. What days/times do you do the sessions?

    Outdoor sunset sessions I shoot Monday-Sunday, we start 1-2 hours before sunset, depending on the location.

    Real life sessions I shoot on Sundays and the time can vary depending on the activities you choose to do and the light in your home/yard, generally 2-3 hours before sunset

    Newborn sessions I generally shoot these Monday - Friday, we generally aim for a 9.30am start if that works with any older kids and naps. If you need a weekend session to include older siblings this can be arranged also.

    If you have a wedding or other occasion, I do have some flexibility outside of these days/times, so please Get in touch

  • Q. Where can we do the shoot?

    A. I absolutely love photographing families in places that are special to them, whether that is your family home, or the beach or park you always go to together, if the place is special to you, the photos will also be that little bit more special in the years to come. If it’s just a photogenic location for your sunset session you need, then head to the contact page and I’m happy to recommend some options around the Byron Bay or Northern NSW.

  • Q. Can my dog be in the photos?

    A. Absolutely! I have a dog who is very much a special part of our family, I couldn't imagine having family photos without him! Let me know if you want to bring your fur baby and we can make sure it's a dog friendly location. They can be in all the photos if you want, or we can find a shady spot to tie them up or let them roam free if they are allowed, up to you!

  • Q. How much is it?

    A. Head to my contact page and get in touch to find out. Alternatively my pricing page will give you a starting price for the various sessions.

  • Q. Can I have a discount?

    A. For past clients who have had a full family or newborn session with me I offer a $100 discount off your chosen package. If my sessions aren’t within your current budget, keep an eye out for one of my mini sessions by following me on my Facebook or Instagram, as they are announced here first.

  • Q. Do you do mini sessions?

    A. Yes! I usually do mini sessions around mothers day and Christmas mini sessions in November. These sessions are shorter than my regular sessions, with a small number of images at a discounted price. Best to keep an eye on my Facebook or Instagram as they are announced here first.

  • Q. What if the weather is bad or we’re sick on the day of the shoot?

    A. Cloudy skies make for great photos, but I certainly don’t want to get stuck in a storm. If it looks like it may rain and this will affect our shoot, I’ll be in contact in the days prior and we can decide if we should reschedule.

    If you or your little ones are sick, please try to give a least 24 hours notice, and we can reschedule when everyone is feeling better.

  • Q. What should we wear?

    A. I’ll send you a detailed guide after you book your session, including lots of info on what to wear, what to expect and how to prep for your session. But if you have any questions, head to my contact page and we can chat!

  • Q. Do you photograph extended families?

    Yes! The relationships between cousins, grandparents, aunts is truly special and many families gift a session to a loved one for special occasions. You are welcome to also split off into separate family groups for photos also. Head to my pricing page for starting prices on family sessions or my contact page to chat with me.

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