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APRIL, 2019

Entering into the Motherhood journey for the first time is full of excitement, intrepidation and curiosity for the unknown experience that lies ahead. Will I be enough? Will I cope? Will I be a good presence for my child throughout their life? Second time around, you’ve been around, learnt some tricks, have confidence in your ability to care for another wholeheartedly. But let me tell you, all the excitement, in trepidation and curiosity remains. This is the joy of motherhood……..

Holding your tiny baby in your arms for the first time you wonder how it is that you have gotten so lucky. The awe of meeting this new person in your lives that is made up of part of you and your partner and little bit of this and that from your wider family pool is astounding, grounding and exhilarating all at the same time and perhaps you take a quick look around to make sure that he is really yours and no one is going to find out that you really have no idea what you are doing and take your precious squidge back again!

But in an instant as you just stop and breathe, you can feel that fire ignite, that fierce love that once lit burns for as long as you live. You may not realise it at first but a shift has begun, you become selfless, attentive, tuned in and amongst all this you grow a few super powers as well. Like the ability to sense the silence of your toddler at the baby’s crib before he starts ‘helping’ you with the baby. The deep and dreamy sleep that you wake from in the instant that you hear the slightest murmur from those sweet little lips. Your ability to function on a third of the sleep you used to, all the while multitasking life alongside.  


“But in an instant as you just stop and breathe, you can feel that fire ignite, that fierce love that once lit, burns for as long as you live.”

And in a gentle unspoken flow of love, you become the keeper of little souls, the heart of your family, you will be pushed beyond your former self to a person that you never knew existed. You will learn all over again about yourself with each child that blesses your life. You will be frustrated, angry, exhausted, lost, and a little bit unsure at times. But you will grow at every challenge and turn along the way. You will be energised, surprised, touched and above all your heart at times will be so full of love it might just burst.

You will learn to be at one with the chaos of life and ‘go with the flow’ a little more, as you really have no other choice but to give in, laugh a little and surrender to the joy that childhood brings! Mess, what mess, that’s just our alien space craft set to attack the evil emperor Zord! You will fall in love with your partner all over again as you navigate this crazy existence and have a little chuckle together as you watch your kids experience life in all it’s new discoveries for the first time. Yep Momma Love…….wouldn’t trade it for the world!


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Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

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