Mother’s Day

APRIL, 2018
Have you ever read a story or blog that catapults you right into the middle of the moment that is being retold? The sights, the smells, the personalities, the story as it unfolds. It is always fun creating image filled stories and adventures to draw people into your experiences, so they can really feel what you were feeling, with gorgeous visual snippets of a moment in time to connect you with the words. Quite often I will take my family or just the kids to a location that has caught my eye for a photography session or that someone has asked me investigate.
These afternoons are my favourite, as I have unknowing subjects in which to compose various shots to carry in my head to the next session, as well as creating a fun filled adventure to a place we have yet to explore as a family.

The creation of my website led me to this gorgeous beach in Ballina where I thought I could capture some lovely images of my own family to add to the website, to put a face to a name but more importantly to give context to the person you are entrusting with your own special memories.

So this day, we got dressed up, as is the girls favourite part, pouring for hours over outfits and different shades of lip gloss, and set off to create some magic…. or so I thought!

Have you ever dreamt up a relaxing sun-soaked afternoon with your family at the beach in your mind before arriving there for quite the opposite, chaotic, fun-filled, gallivanting, adventure to unfold? With tripod in hand we landed on the beach, but with such an amazing natural playground set before them, the interest really wasn’t on a family portrait, but collecting shells, running in the shallow waves and investigating under rocks and behind grasses. With a final tweak of the tripod we called everyone in for the shot, but what we didn’t realise was that our three year old had other ideas! Without an afternoon sleep under his belt, he launched into the ‘mischievous little brother’ role with perfection, throwing sand, sitting just far enough away from the rest of the family to be out of the shot and bringing in all sorts of ‘sea weedy props’ to waggle at his sisters with glee!

Yet amongst this, I sat back and watched and took in the beautiful connection and love our children have for their environment and for us as their parents. They wanted us to see their treasures and watch their tricks and triumphs along the beach, every now and then leaving their beloved quest for a quiet snuggle or to hold my leg or my hand for a while. Just simply to be loved and validated.

What I ended up with at the end of the afternoon was a true surprise. Just in being together and enjoying each other’s company, and our beautiful surroundings they “filled my cup” in so many ways. I left feeling lucky to be a part of this ‘secret club’ that only we truly understand, because we live it together, we share the same memories, and we grow closer together with every adventure.

“Just in being together and enjoying each other’s company, and our beautiful surroundings they “filled my cup” in so many ways.”
So this mother’s day, I unknowingly gave myself the best present ever, a gorgeous set of memories and images of my beautiful little family that I can hold and treasure for years to come. With me in the centre of it all, instead of watching and laughing from behind the camera.

So what will you do for your special day this year, when everyone stops to celebrate you and the amazingly multifunctional and beloved job you do for everyone else? Maybe as mother’s all we truly need to do is stand still for this unique moment in time and drink it all in.

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Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

frequently asked questions


  • Q. My kids are gorgeous, but they don’t sit still and I’m worried they won’t behave..."

    A. I’m a mum of three busy kids, I get it, the more you tell them what to do, the less they want to do it! I usually start with a few ‘everyone look at the camera’ shots and then the rest of the session is pretty easy going, I might give some suggestions for things to do, or more photogenic places to go, but generally I just let the kids play and explore. Often the best photos are when your kid is doing the thing that makes them most happy! And if meltdowns happen (and they will!) I may take an adorable photo of that, and then we can take a little break or head on a different adventure.

  • Q. Should I wait until everything is perfect?

    A. Is family life ever perfect? Your kids want to see you, with them, so they can hold those memories and feelings in their hearts. You may never lose those 5 kilos, you may never re-paint that feature wall, and that is okay. Your kids don’t care, time goes fast, don’t wait. (or if you’re like me, a photoshoot is a great deadline haha).

  • Q. So how does it work? Where do we start?

    A. Great question –  click on the contact tab above to chat with me!

  • Q. When should I book my family session?

    A. If you need a weekend, I am usually booked out 2-3 months in advance, so get in touch ASAP to check availability. If a weekday suits you, at least 2-4 weeks notice is great. I do get the odd cancellation, so it’s always worth checking if you aren’t sure!

  • Q. When should I book my newborn session?

    A. If you want to capture your bub when they’re brand new, book a session as soon as you can. I usually book you in for your due date initially, then whenever your little one arrives we can make a firm date and time then. I only take on 4 newborns a month so I am able to be flexible if they need to be rescheduled. My sessions however are very relaxed and don’t require bub to be asleep to perform any crazy baby yoga positions, so even if your bub is 4-6 weeks old by the time you are feeling up to photos, they will still capture all that new baby love.

  • Q. What if my baby arrives early or late, can we move our newborn session?"

    A. Yes, absolutely! Often babies don’t like to stick to their due date and that is fine. I usually recommend booking your session for your due date, and if bub comes early or late we can work out an available date to move the session.

  • Q. What days/times do you do the sessions?

    Outdoor sunset sessions I shoot Monday-Sunday, we start 1-2 hours before sunset, depending on the location.

    Real life sessions I shoot on Sundays and the time can vary depending on the activities you choose to do and the light in your home/yard, generally 2-3 hours before sunset

    Newborn sessions I generally shoot these Monday - Friday, we generally aim for a 9.30am start if that works with any older kids and naps. If you need a weekend session to include older siblings this can be arranged also.

    If you have a wedding or other occasion, I do have some flexibility outside of these days/times, so please Get in touch

  • Q. Where can we do the shoot?

    A. I absolutely love photographing families in places that are special to them, whether that is your family home, or the beach or park you always go to together, if the place is special to you, the photos will also be that little bit more special in the years to come. If it’s just a photogenic location for your sunset session you need, then head to the contact page and I’m happy to recommend some options around the Byron Bay or Northern NSW.

  • Q. Can my dog be in the photos?

    A. Absolutely! I have a dog who is very much a special part of our family, I couldn't imagine having family photos without him! Let me know if you want to bring your fur baby and we can make sure it's a dog friendly location. They can be in all the photos if you want, or we can find a shady spot to tie them up or let them roam free if they are allowed, up to you!

  • Q. How much is it?

    A. Head to my contact page and get in touch to find out. Alternatively my pricing page will give you a starting price for the various sessions.

  • Q. Can I have a discount?

    A. For past clients who have had a full family or newborn session with me I offer a $100 discount off your chosen package. If my sessions aren’t within your current budget, keep an eye out for one of my mini sessions by following me on my Facebook or Instagram, as they are announced here first.

  • Q. Do you do mini sessions?

    A. Yes! I usually do mini sessions around mothers day and Christmas mini sessions in November. These sessions are shorter than my regular sessions, with a small number of images at a discounted price. Best to keep an eye on my Facebook or Instagram as they are announced here first.

  • Q. What if the weather is bad or we’re sick on the day of the shoot?

    A. Cloudy skies make for great photos, but I certainly don’t want to get stuck in a storm. If it looks like it may rain and this will affect our shoot, I’ll be in contact in the days prior and we can decide if we should reschedule.

    If you or your little ones are sick, please try to give a least 24 hours notice, and we can reschedule when everyone is feeling better.

  • Q. What should we wear?

    A. I’ll send you a detailed guide after you book your session, including lots of info on what to wear, what to expect and how to prep for your session. But if you have any questions, head to my contact page and we can chat!

  • Q. Do you photograph extended families?

    Yes! The relationships between cousins, grandparents, aunts is truly special and many families gift a session to a loved one for special occasions. You are welcome to also split off into separate family groups for photos also. Head to my pricing page for starting prices on family sessions or my contact page to chat with me.

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