My Baby Jasmine


AUGUST, 2019

The best part of my job is being given the privilege of entering into the intimate space of a family and being trusted to tell their unique story, preserving all that is present in this particular moment of this particular day in their lives. Capturing the little details of life just as it is, allowing time to freeze and stand still and be remembered in every little detail we wish our minds could hang on to.

I was introduced to this adorable little baby as “my baby Jasmine’ by her doting three year old big brother Nicolas, who then preceded to get his ukulele and sing the most endearing song for her while she looked on from her baby swing. The connection and love that was already surrounding this little baby was powerful, beautiful and completely natural. Nestled amongst some of the prettiest gardens I have seen was this gorgeous house filled with love and peace. Walking out on to the balcony, the property stretched as far as the eye could see, with the gentle trickling of a pristine stream stretching out towards the horizon. It was quite a captivating morning and one that I am not likely to forget anytime soon.

“The connection and love that was already surrounding this little baby was powerful, beautiful, and completely natural.”

What unfolded was a typical morning with a newborn and a toddler. Lots of snuggles, tickles and fun amidst rest breaks for breastfeeding and morning snacks. A precession of toys proudly brought out to be shown around and a dozy little baby with one eye open, so as not to miss any of the action. 

Nicolas happily helped me get some giggles out of his parents with some hysterical dancing, then settled in for a kiss and a snuggle of his beloved new baby sister. Stroking her hair gently with one finger he told me about how soft her hair was and how small her feet were in his hands. 

Baby Jasmine drifted off to sleep with a little reassurance of my hand on her belly, snuggling in amongst the soft fluffy blankets in the wooden bowl where she lay happily sleeping. As hard as it was to stop clicking the shutter, it was time to go home and leave this beautiful family to an afternoon nap. Happy in the knowledge that I had captured their precious story of a fleeting time in their lives that will live on as their children grow. A meaningful time treasured amongst the bustle of life.

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Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

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