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Meeting the Catchpole family was such fun, although the weather was against us, with freezing wind and chilly temperatures! (Well freezing for Byron Bay anyway!). It didn’t seem to worry their sweet little daughter Sophia, one little bit. 

She made herself busy crawling around on the sand, exploring the beach, picking up shells and grass to show us and coming back to Mum and Dad for warm snuggles and lots of pointing to the moon, which I quickly discovered was her favourite part of the session.

Everyone soon forgot I was there with my camera, I looked on watching this sweet family interacting and playing on the beach, sneakily catching moments here and there. It hit me that this is what the centre of life is for me. My family and our special moments together where it doesn’t matter if the beach is packed or we have it all to ourselves, it’s like no one else is there but us to enjoy just being together.

When this is captured in a storytelling set of photos it’s even better because every time you look at them, you remember the warmth of the sun of your back amidst the chilly wind, the way your one year old’s hands felt wrapped around you and the funny things that captured her attention and most of all the love that existed.

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Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

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