Journey to motherhood


May, 2019

Every woman is on her own journey in life, focussing on exploring our vast world, meeting beautiful people to surround herself with or working hard to achieve success through education or career avenues. Yet at some point we all think about children, a subtle pondering which usually intensifies.  

Although there is no expectation that every woman should bear a child or children, it has become one of the life goals for many. But in all of the modern ways of the world and the constant influence to compare and overthink most important things in life, do we ever look in and connect. Really feel into ourselves and trust. That we have everything we need to grow a baby, that we are strong enough to navigate birth and that we will be enough as a mother to our children.

Where do you see the journey of motherhood beginning? is it when you become pregnant? When you hold your baby for the first time? For me, it begins with the thought, the shift in time and the pondering of what it would be like to nurture a child.

Babies seem to have a mind of their own in terms of when to show up. Sometimes we are prepared for the life lessons they are about to teach us and sometimes it’s all a big surprise, either way, once begun there is definitely no turning back and there lies a lot of growth ahead.

Sometimes we are prepared for the life lessons they are about to teach us and sometimes it’s all a big surprise.”

If we as mothers can nurture ourselves from the very beginning, in honouring our journey right from the beginning, we open ourselves to an awareness of how strong and beautiful our bodies are and how amazing it is to be growing a tiny soul to life. 

Connecting in with our babies in pregnancy with a hand on our belly and a nudge of a foot or hand can centre us and refocus the journey we are on. It is a time that can feel long but is gone in an instant. 

Surrendering and letting go to the power of our bodies brings us to the limits of our reach and beyond, asking more of us than the physical but to embark on a mental and spiritual journey. One that doesn’t stop at the birth of our child, but is just beginning. 


Motherhood can push you to your extreme limits in every way. It forces you to learn who you are as a person and to find a comfortable place in your own skin in order to guide and nurture others.

It is the most powerful journey of fierce love, unrelenting compassion and intense heartbreak, but above all, it is an amazing journey of self awareness, selflessness and connection.  

Next time we are breathing through the pain of breastfeeding with tender nipples, taking ourselves outside for “time out” from our two year old spinning around on the floor in complete tanti mode, refereeing another tribal disagreement  between siblings or looking to find a place to go and just scream because it’s got to release something, right? 

Just connect in with yourself on that deeper level and think about all that you have achieved, all that you are. That intuitive, strong, patient, unconditional, fierce mother that is connected to so many others who are just where you are in the motherhood journey right now.


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Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

Maternity- Birth - Newborn- Family- Commercial

Alstonville, Ballina, Byron Bay

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