Stress Free Family Photos: Tips for a successful session

SEPT, 2018
With the arrival of Spring the weather is warming up and now is the time to start thinking of a family photo session if you want images for Christmas cards and the like. But if the thought of co-ordinating your whole family in stylish outfits and getting your kids to smile for the camera strikes fear in your heart you are not alone.
Kids are notoriously unpredictable and short of a miracle, there is no way to guarantee your child will be in a happy mood when photo day rolls around. However, there are some things that you can do in advance that will ensure that everyone is prepared. I have put together a list of my top tips for a stress free family photo session.
1. Bring snacks. A child with a full belly is a happy one. Try to have some snacks on hand on the way to the session, or feed everyone a snack before the session. It’s amazing how this can reset the mood. 2. Naps: try to schedule your session for your children’s “happy” time of day. The best light is usually two hours before sunset, but if your children  are usually happy in the morning then a lifestyle session at home might be a good choice. If they are happy after an early dinner or late afternoon snack, then an early evening session around golden hour will work for you. 3. Clothing: this is probably the biggest source of stress besides children’s behaviour. If fashion is not really your thing, it can be hard to pick out coordinating outfits for everyone. A general rule of thumb is to pick two or three colours and stick to that palate. It’s a good idea to try and tie the colour palate in to your location so that you fit in with your surroundings. 4. No pressure: prepare your children for the photo session, but you don’t have to threaten them to behave. If they are reluctant to come you could promise a trip to the park, ice-cream, or another special treat. If they do have a meltdown during the session, don’t worry, they are usually smiling again a few minutes later! 5. Communicate: let your photographer know which shots are important to you. If getting a shot of everyone looking at the camera is your number one goal, be sure to make it known. Photographers will do anything within their power to get the shots you want and to listen to what you want. That being said, there must be a level of understanding of children’s unpredictability, sometimes meaning you may not get the exact shot you have in mind. 6. Prepare the kids: tell them that you are going to have a family adventure and you all have to get dressed up. Try to add an element of fun!. If they are not convinced, schedule a trip to the park or the like after a the session if they listen well.  
“The images that are cherished most are the ones where you are engaged as a family, your eyes on each other, smiling naturally. These are the ones that usually depict your family and connection most.”
7. Relax: if you ask any toddler to small and look at a stranger…….ultimately they will freak out! Instead of stressing about everyone looking at the camera, play with your kids and enjoy yourself instead. A toddler would much rather play peek-a boo with mum, or run around chasing Dad, than stare a a stranger with a camera pointing at them. Additionally, playing with your kids will bring out their true expressions and real smiles and your sneaky photographer can snap away while you have fun! The images that are cherished most are often the ones where you are engaged as a family, your eyes on each other smiling naturally. These are the ones that usually depict your family and connection most.
8. Plan: be sure to leave plenty of time to get ready! Mum’s are often rushing around before the session, making sure that everyone is dressed and ready. So get yourself ready first, well in advance of the session, even if it means getting your hair and make-up done professionally. This will prepare, you as Mum to feel confident and relaxed, which will reflect on the rest of the family as well. Leave plenty of time for showers and baths, dressing and grooming. When a family arrives at a session rushed and disorganised, nine times out of ten, it sets the tone for a rushed and disorganised session. Allow extra time so that you are ready before it’s time to head out that door.
9. Bring an activity: some of the most successful family sessions usually incorporate an activity that the family loves to do together. It gives you something to do with your hands and feet, engages the little ones and can bring an authentic smile to your face. Do you love to read? Bring some books to your session. Do you enjoy sport? Bring a football to your session. Some other ideas include races, piggy back rides, singing, picnics, the options are endless.When your family is engaged in something you love to do together the photographer will have the opportunity to take some beautiful photographs that are true to you and your family. 10 Avoid the cheese: try to avoid asking your children to ‘say cheese’ for the camera, it usually results in strained and unnatural photographs. Allow the photographer to naturally interact with your children. This will usually result in beautiful, natural smiles. You can help the photographer capture the true personality of your children by talking with them and coaxing out those smiles naturally.
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